Privacy Legislation Enacted in 1999

Unless otherwise noted, all laws go into effect January 1, 2000

SB 545 (Dunn) - Preprinted checks: This bill requires any credit card issuer who extends credit to a cardholder through a preprinted check to provide specific information explaining the terms and conditions of use attached directed to the check.

SB 926 (Speier) - Supermarket club cards: This bill prohibits card issuer from requesting DL number or SSN, from selling or sharing personal customer information; limited exemption for membership card stores.

SB 930 (Hughes) - Credit cards: This bill requires a credit card issuer who solicits a consumer and receives a completed application with an address different from the one on the original solicitation to verify the change by contacting the consumer. It also prohibits merchants from printing more than the last five digits of a credit card number or date of expiration on electronic customer receipts.

Medical Information Privacy

AB 416 (Machado) - Psychotherapy info privacy: prohibits release of outpatient psychotherapy info without specified formal request.

SB 19 (Figueroa) - Medical info confidentiality: sets limits on disclosure of medical info by providers; prohibits health plans from conditioning services on waiver of confidentiality; prohibits health plans from using medical info for commercial purposes.

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