Privacy Legislation Enacted in 2000

Unless otherwise noted, all laws go into effect January 1, 2001

Identity Theft

AB 1862 (Torlakson) - Criminal ID theft: This bill creates a database of "criminal" ID theft victims, those who have had a criminal record falsely created using their identifying information, in the Department of Justice.

AB 1897 (Davis) - ID theft: This bill creates a petition and expedited process for a court finding of factual innocence for ID theft victims.

AB 2246 (Wayne) - Destruction of documents: This bill requires businesses to destroy (shred, e.g.) customer records containing personal information before discarding them.

Information Privacy

AB 2797 (Papan) -Insurance info privacy: prohibits insurance companies from sharing personal health, medical or genetic info with financial institutions or other 3rd parties for purpose of extending credit.

SB 1903 (Speier) - Medical info disclosure: restricts disclosure to corporations, subsidiaries and affiliates; requires authorization for release; allows patients to correct erroneous records.

Office of Privacy Protection

SB 129 (Peace) - This bill creates Office of Privacy Protection, in Department of Consumer Affairs, with the purpose of protecting the privacy of individuals' personal information in a manner consistent with the California Constitution by identifying consumer problems in the privacy area and facilitating development of fair information practices. It also directs all state agencies to post a privacy policy and designate a "privacy officer" responsible for the policy.

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