Refunds for California Victims of Wire Fraud Scams

(Case No. CGC-17-558132, San Francisco Superior Court)

On April 12, 2017, Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced a settlement with the Western Union Company. Under the terms of the settlement and a related federal lawsuit, Californians who sent payments to scam artists using Western Union’s wire transfer service may be entitled to full or partial refunds.


If you believe you were tricked into wiring money using Western Union’s money transfer service between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.

Submitting a Claim:

In order to be considered for a refund payment, you must submit a claim at The process for submitting a claim has not started. When the process begins, information will be posted on the website.

Submitting Information to California Attorney General’s Office:

California consumers are encouraged to submit their information to the California Attorney General’s Office by completing the form below. After you submit your information here, the refund administrator may contact you in the future to request more information. To ensure that your claim is completed and processed, all eligible consumers should follow the instructions at Filling out the below form does not guarantee that you will qualify for a refund or that your claim will be submitted.


Please save any documents still in your possession, because you might be asked for them later as part of the claims process. For example, helpful documents might include receipts, correspondence with Western Union, or e-mails with the person who took advantage of you.

WARNING: Do not pay anyone to receive or process your claim. The refund administrator will never ask you to pay a fee.

More Information:

For more information, contact the refund administrator at 1-844-319-2124, by email at, or sign up to receive updates at

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