Cybercrime Section

The Cybercrime Section is a team of professional prosecutors, investigators, auditors, analysts, and paralegals. The unit investigates, and prosecutes technology-related crimes in California, including unauthorized intrusions, internet fraud, scams or confidence schemes committed by means of electronic media, money laundering via cryptocurrency or electronic transfer, organized retail crimes involving significant digital evidence, cyberstalking, and cyber-extortion or cyber-exploitation.

The Cybercrime Section provides investigative and prosecutorial support to the five California regional high-tech task forces funded through the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution (HTTAP) Program Trust Fund, as well as those to those rural counties that are not represented by an HTTAP-funded task force (pursuant to Penal Code section 13848).

The Cybercrime Section also develops and provides training for judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and the public on the importance of strong information-security practices and evolving technology-related crime issues.