Contact the Annual Charity Registration Renewals Program about Online Renewals

If the answer to your online renewal question is not found on the Annual Registration Renewal page, including the Frequently Asked Questions, use the form below to contact the online program team.

If you are preparing to submit an annual filing or requesting an Account Code to establish/reset an Online Renewal System account, please include full organization name and at least one of these (all preferred): State Charity Registration Number, FEIN, SOS Corporate Number. Also, please review the requirements below to be sure you are ready to file online with the Registry and before requesting an Account Code.

Charitable organizations that are current in their registration and annual reporting requirements may submit renewal data, Registry forms, IRS Form 990 and other required filings and pay fees online! Eligible Registry Statuses are Current and Current – Awaiting Reporting.  Organizations may use the Registry Verification Search tool to verify their Registry Status and look up filings and other public information.

After filing with the IRS, please have these items ready to enter/upload:

  • All data as required on Form RRF-1 & Instructions (you will not need to upload the PDF itself). The Online Renewal System will prompt for the data required on Form RRF-1 & Instructions. Prior to your online session, review it and the instructions.
  • If you answer “Yes” to any of the nine questions on Form RRF-1 & Instructions other than Question 8, explanation(s) are required in a PDF file.
  • Complete and signed Form CT-TR-1 & Instructions in PDF format (organizations with total revenue below $50,000 and who did not file IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ with the IRS). The Registry does not require Form CT-TR-1 from organizations that file IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-PF.
  • Full and complete copy of IRS Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF including all schedules and attachments after being filed with the IRS.  If you only file IRS Form 990-N, our office does not require a copy. 
  • Do not use the Online Renewal System before filing with the IRS. Submit all required forms and documentation at the same time, in one submission, when the entire annual filing is complete. There is only one electronic filing allowed per organization per year using the Online Renewal System.
  • Do not include public and confidential documentation in the same PDF. Have ready a separate PDF file for all confidential portions of the IRS Form 990 and any other documentation.
  • If you are not required to (and do not) file IRS Form 990(-EZ) and your total revenue for your most recent accounting period is $50,000 or more, have ready either Form CT-TR-1 & Instructions or a document explaining why you need not submit either that form nor IRS Form 990(-EZ).
  • There is a fee required from organizations with total revenue of $25,001 or more. It must be paid online using a checking account (ACH) at the time of online submission. Have account information ready.  Charitable organizations that are unable to pay their applicable renewal fee in this manner must submit their filings, along with payment by check, via U.S. mail, in person, or using an overnight service. Addresses are on Form RRF-1 & Instructions and at the bottom of the Registry Contacts page.

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