Commercial Coventurers for Charitable Purposes

Updated Forms Now Available!

As of February 1, 2020, the newly updated forms are required.

A commercial coventurer is a type of professional fundraiser. It is a person or organization who, for profit, is primarily engaged in a business other than in connection with raising funds for charitable purposes. A commercial coventurer raises money for charities by giving the charity a certain percentage from the sale of goods or services. A commercial coventurer represents to the public that the purchase or use of its goods or services will benefit a charitable organization. Unless exempt under Government Code section 12599.2, subdivision (b), a commercial coventurer is required to register and report to the Attorney General.

Registration is required prior to soliciting any funds in California for charitable purposes, or prior to January 15th of each year.

Commercial coventurers must file an annual financial report for each campaign conducted for each charity during a calendar year.

Commercial coventurers are required to submit the Annual Financial Report (Commercial Coventurer) (CT-6CF Form)

Annual financial reports must be filed by January 30 of each year.

SB 2015 has added Section 12586.1 to the Government Code which indicates that, in addition to a registration fee, a commercial coventurer may be assessed a late fee or an additional fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) for each month or part of the month after the date on which the registration statement or financial report were due to be filed if the commercial coventurer does any of the following:

  • Exists and operates in California without being registered.
  • Solicits contributions in California without being registered or, if applicable, bonded.
  • Fails to correct the deficiencies in its registration or annual report within 30 days of receipt of written notice of those deficiencies.

No, a copy of the contract does not need to be submitted unless specifically requested by the Attorney General's Office.