Registry Reports

Below are regularly posted or updated Registry reports.

Charity Registration Reports

Available for download below are lists of charitable organizations that may or may not operate or solicit in California. Registration and reporting compliance with the Registry is indicated by the Registry Status. Registry Status definitions are available on the Registry Verification Search Tips & Filing Definitions page.

The lists are in comma separated value (CSV) format and updated on the third Wednesday of each month. CSV files may be opened by a number of applications, including Microsoft Excel. For details about the data included in the CSV files, review Charity Registration Reports Data Legend (PDF).

Organizations with a Registry Status in italics are not registered. Some may operate because they are reviewed as exempt from registration and the Supervision Act does not prohibit these entities from soliciting or operating, while others may not operate in California as they are not exempt from registration.

The downloadable lists are not complete as they omit data on non-California (and some California) entities we are unaware of given our data resources.

Latest and additional data for each listed organization is available through the Registry Verification Search tool. Potential donors are encouraged to research organizations using the search tool and those available from the Secretary of State, Franchise Tax Board and IRS to determine an organization’s tax-exempt status. Donors may also want to review our Resources and Donation Tips.

May Operate/Solicit in California? Registry Statuses Included Download Lists
  • Current
  • Current – Awaiting Reporting
  • Current – Probationary Registration
  • Current – Reporting Incomplete
  • Registered – Corporate Trustee
  • Exempt
  • Exempt – Facility Financing
  • Exempt – Form 990-PF Required*
  • Exempt – Religious
Download List
*Exempt from registration, but must file IRS Form 990-PF with the Registry annually.
  • Delinquent
  • Subject to Cease and Desist Order
  • Suspended
  • Not Registered – Cease and Desist Order
  • Revoked
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  • Enforcement Action Pending*
  • Mutual Benefit – Status Pending**
  • Not Registered***
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*Organization is subject to an enforcement action filed by the Attorney General’s Office. The organization has challenged the enforcement action by either filing an appeal or responding to the enforcement action. No final judgment has been entered against the organization, and pending final resolution of the enforcement action, the organization may operate if it is current in its reporting requirements.
**Registration may be required prior to operation depending on whether charitable assets are solicited or held by the organization. If required, organization may not operate and solicit.
***Organization must file its initial registration within 30 days of receiving assets, unless determined exempt by the Registry. If registration is not filed by then, it may not operate and solicit.
Not Operating or In Process of Dissolving
  • Closed – Registration Not Required
  • Dissolution Pending
  • Dissolution Waiver Issued
  • Dissolved
  • Exempt – Dissolution Pending
  • Exempt – Dissolution Waiver Issued
  • Exempt – Withdrawn
  • Never Registered – Dissolution Pending
  • Never Registered – Diss. Waiver Issued
  • Never Registered – Dissolved
  • Never Registered – Withdrawn
  • Trust Closed
  • Withdrawn
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Some of these entities may have registered.

Downloadable lists above were last updated on September 16, 2020

Professional Fundraiser Report

Every year, the Attorney General’s Office prepares a summary report based on the annual financial disclosure documents filed by commercial fundraisers and commercial coventurers. These reports include statistics for donations of both cash and used personal goods. The information in the reports is derived from unedited reports filed by the commercial fundraisers and commercial coventurers. The reports are provided below.

PDF:   2018   |   2017   |   2016   |   2015   |   2014   |   2013   |   2012   |   2011   |   2010   |   2009   |   2008   |   2007   |   2005   |   2004   |   2003   |   2002   |   2001   |   2000   |   1999   |   1998   |   1997

XLS:    2018   |   2017   |   2016   |   2015   |   2014   |   2013   |   2012