Updated Forms for 2022

Updated forms are available for download and are required with any filings received by the Registry on or after January 1, 2022. Significant changes include fee updates for charity, raffle and professional fundraiser applicants and registrants. Before registering, renewing or reporting each year, please always download the latest forms available from the appropriate program page using the menu on the right.

  • Charity registrants’ annual renewal fee schedule is updated on Form RRF-1. All registrants have a renewal fee based on total revenue. Remember to file Form RRF-1 with either Form CT-TR-1 or IRS Form 990(EZ/PF).
  • Initial Registration fee required from charity registration applicants on Form CT-1 updated to $50.
  • Raffle Registration fee is updated on Form CT-NRP-1 to $30.
  • Annual Registration fees for commercial fundraisers, fundraising counsels and commercial coventurers updated to $500.

Note: Please expect 30-90 days to process filings (forms and/or supporting documentation) from the date received. We will reply, if necessary. Please check the Registry Search Tool for updates.

Forms are periodically updated. Only the latest version will be accepted so be sure to visit the appropriate Registry program page to download the latest versions before filing.

To direct you to the correct forms, see the appropriate section below based on whether your organization is a charitable entity or professional fundraiser. The form for submitting a complaint against a nonprofit is also available.

  • Initial Registration Forms, Guides and Instructions
    All entities that are required to register with the Attorney General's Registry of Charities and Fundraisers must file an initial registration package. See the Initial Registration page for the appropriate downloadable forms, guides, instructions and FAQs.

  • Annual Registration Renewal Forms, Guides and Instructions
    All registrants must report annually by submitting certain forms and supplementary attachments depending on revenue and other factors.
    • Registrants current in their annual filings may use the Online Renewal System or file by mail. See the Annual Registration Renewal page for the appropriate downloadable forms, guides, instructions and FAQs.

    • Registrants delinquent in their annual filings will find the same downloadable forms available on the Delinquency page along with instructions, a webinar and FAQs specific to curing delinquency.

  • Nonprofit Raffle Program Forms, Guides and Instructions
    A Raffle registration application form must be filed and approved before conducting any raffle activities during a raffle registration year (September 1 to August 31). Raffles may be conducted by nonprofits after receiving a letter of confirmation from the Registry of Charities and Fundraisers. Registrants must also file a single aggregate report for all raffles held during the reporting/registration year. See the Nonprofit Raffles page for the appropriate downloadable forms, guides, instructions and FAQs.

Commercial fundraisers, fundraising counsels, and commercial coventurers must register and report annually. For an overview, including a webinar, see the Professional Fundraiser Home page. For the downloadable forms, instructions and FAQs, select the appropriate professional fundraiser type:

  • Individuals who wish to file a complaint against a charity, nonprofit or other public benefit corporation may use the downloadable form, instructions and FAQs on the Complaints page