Notice of Amendments to Regulations

Charitable Fundraising Platforms and Platform Charities


The Department of Justice proposes regulations that implement Assembly Bill No. 488. This Assembly Bill amends The Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act and establishes that effective January 1, 2023, charitable fundraising platforms and platform charities are subject to the Attorney General’s supervision.

The proposed regulations regulate charitable fundraising platforms, platform charities, and persons and entities soliciting charitable donations on charitable fundraising platforms. The regulations also reorder and renumber existing regulations so that all regulations pertaining to the Act will be in Chapter 4.

NOTE: Regulation documents prepared by the Department may contain markup including underline, strikethrough, or highlight. While these documents are ADA-compliant, upon request, the Department can prepare a more screen reader-friendly version of these documents with annotations that explain the marked changes. Please submit all requests to

Notice Register Publication Date: May 27, 2022

Status of the Proposal

This rulemaking is undergoing a 15-day public comment period. Any interested person or their authorized representative may submit written comments regarding the proposed regulatory action. The written comment period closes at 5:00 pm on December 7, 2022. All timely comments that specifically pertain to the proposed regulations will be reviewed and responded to by Department staff. Comments may be submitted by mail or email to:

  • Mail written comments:

    Department of Justice
    Office of the Attorney General
    Charitable Trusts Section
    Attn: Brian Armstrong, Deputy Attorney General
    455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 11000
    San Francisco, CA 94102-7004

  • E-mail:

The information below relates to recent rulemaking activity, including links to the regulations text and associated documents. Any person who has submitted a comment regarding a proposed action has the right to request a copy of the Final Statement of Reasons. The Final Statement will also be posted to this webpage upon completion of this rulemaking.

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