Ulysses S. Webb, 19th Attorney General

Photo of Ulysses S. Webb
Born in W. Virginia in 1864, he received his education in Kansas. He came to Quincy, and was elected District Attorney for 12 years until appointed Attorney General from Governor Gage. Served as Attorney General for 36 & 1/2 years (9 terms). Began lengthy series of lawsuits to prove the state held title to tide and submerged lands in trust for the people of California to have access to and use for navigation, shipping and commerce.

Vigorously investigated and prosecuted fraudulent land transfers made by families attempting to evade the consequences of the Alien Land Law Act. His administration served to clarify new legislation involving elections, motor vehicles, and criminal trial procedures. (The Criminal Law Division has since exploded its workload - Webb reported in his 1914-16 Biennial Report a criminal case load of 307 appeals in two years, whereas today more than 6000 appeals are received annually.) Died in San Francisco on July 31, 1947.