Bill Lockyer, 30th Attorney General

Photo of Bill Lockyer
Born in Hayward, CA, on May 8, 1941. Lockyer has reinvigorated the office's environmental protection, anti-trust, consumer law, civil rights enforcement and law enforcement functions. Acted to improve public safety through increased attention to crime prevention and criminal apprehension, support and vigorous enforcement of firearms laws and new services to crime victims.

Expanded enforcement of environmental protection laws to protect water quality, public health and California’s natural resources. A national leader in the development of important consumer protection initiatives, including the protection of individual privacy rights, investigating unfair gasoline pricing practices and fighting identity theft.

Re-established the state’s Civil Rights Enforcement Section dedicated to protecting the civil rights of all Californians. Created the first staff training program. Graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, received a teaching credential from California State University, Hayward, and earned his law degree from McGeorge School of Law while serving in the State Senate. He has a daughter, Lisa.