Earl Warren, 20th Attorney General

Photo of Earl Warren
First California Attorney General born in the State of California (in Los Angeles on March 19, 1891). When Warren was DA in Alameda County, he wrote a bill to increase the salary and responsibilities of the Attorney General. He then advised the aging Attorney General (Ulysses Webb) that he was interested in knowing when he would retire.

The bill passed, the incumbent soon retired, and Warren received, in addition to his own party, nominations of the Democratic and Progressive Parties. Immediately following election, he organized law enforcement officers of the state into regions and furnished the leadership for a statewide program against crime.

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, he organized the state’s civilian defense program; he also supported military disposition of civilians (the placement of all Japanese-American citizens in detention camps). Vigorously moved against gambling ships operating offshore in Southern California. Later elected as Governor, then appointed as Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court. He was married and had six children. Died July 9, 1974; interment at Arlington National Cemetery.