Native American Affairs

What is ONAA?

The Office of Native American Affairs, commonly referred to as ONAA, was created in 2000. ONAA provides three (3) main functions within the Office of the Attorney General, California Department of Justice and those functions are as follows:

  • ONAA advises the Attorney General on matters of importance to California tribal governments and tribal citizens that promote the health, safety and welfare for California’s tribal citizens.
  • ONAA serves as tribal liaison between the DOJ and federal, tribal, state and local justice systems. In this role, ONAA addresses justice-related issues for California’s Native American tribes and tribal citizens who reside on reservations, rancherias, and urban communities for the overall improvement of health, safety, and welfare of Native American citizens.
  • ONAA facilitates and promotes a statewide framework for state and tribal partnerships that encourage the cooperation and collaboration between tribal, state, federal and local justice agencies through coordination of intergovernmental services, programs and technical assistance for justice-related issues.

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