Tribal Regalia at Graduation Ceremonies

May I wear traditional tribal regalia during my graduation ceremony?

Graduation season is a time of enormous pride for students and their families and, a time of inclusivity. In 2018, the State Legislature passed AB 1248 (Gloria) adding Education Code section 35183.1. The code allows students to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural or religious significance” as adornment at school graduation ceremonies (emphasis added), while also providing that a local education agency retains the discretion to limit an item that is likely to cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the ceremony.

The law requires that every graduating California student, regardless of their identity, are allowed to represent their family, culture, and/or faith affiliation in graduation ceremonies through regalia or adornments without substantial disruption or material interference with those ceremonies. Education Code section 35183.1(b) defines the term adornment as meaning something attached to, or worn with, but not replacing, the cap and gown customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies. The term cultural is defined as those recognized practices and traditions of a certain group of people.

For more information, please read the AB 1248 statue.