Health in All Policies Task Force

Created in 2010 by Executive Order S-04-10, the Health in All Policies Task Force is charged with identifying “priority programs, policies, and strategies to improve the health of Californians while advancing the goals of improving air and water quality, protecting natural resources and agricultural lands, increasing the availability of affordable housing, improving infrastructure systems, promoting public health, planning sustainable communities, and meeting the climate change goals.” The Attorney General sits on the Task Force, along with officers of 18 other California state agencies, departments, and offices.

A child walking through a vegetable garden with a stalk in his/her hand.

The Task Force has identified the following goals for state government programs:

  • All California residents have the option to safely walk, bicycle, or take public transit to school, work, and essential destinations.
  • All California residents live in safe, healthy, and affordable housing.
  • All California residents have access to places to be active.
  • All California residents are able to live and be active in their communities without fear of violence or crime.
  • All California residents have access to healthy, affordable foods at school, at work, and in their neighborhoods.
  • California's decision makers are informed about the health consequences of various policy options during the policy development process.

The Attorney General is committed to advancing these objectives through her independent legal work, through work representing state agencies, and through the Green Office program.