Green Energy

Green Energy - Man installing solar panels.

California has been a world leader in promoting energy conservation and developing cleaner forms of energy since the 1970’s. With the passage of the Global Warming Solution Act AB 32 in 2006, and the mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and beyond, California has renewed its commitment to develop new, greener sources of energy. There are many reasons to transition to green energy, among which are improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and creating jobs in a fast-growing sector of the economy.

The term “green energy” often refers to renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal – all of which are in use and being developed in California. But improving the efficiency of how we use energy already available to us, from any source, is another important way to develop green energy. The Attorney General works hard to support California’s transition toward increased reliance on Renewable Energy and on Energy Efficiency for meeting our energy needs.