Applicant Agency Justice Connection (AAJC)

The new Applicant Agency Justice Connection (AAJC) provides authorized applicant agencies a secure web-enabled environment to assist in managing the criminal history background check process. The AAJC tools allow authorized users to submit agency change requests, check the status of background checks, retrieve background check responses, and access information related to the fingerprint background check process.

What capabilities will the AAJC include?

  • Enhanced security and access to criminal history information
  • Generate, view, download, and print reports
  • Monitor the status of criminal history background checks
  • Manage agency information
  • Electronically request to add or update agency contacts and Custodian of Records (COR)
  • Electronically submit No Longer Interested (NLI) notifications
  • Access to educational and informational material

How do I request access to the AAJC?

AAJC representatives may reach out to your agency to collect the information required to access the AAJC, or you may request access yourself. If you have already been confirmed by the DOJ to be a Custodian of Records (COR) for your agency and you do not have portal access, please email Include your agency name and ORI number in the email.

If you have not been confirmed by the DOJ to be a COR for your agency, please complete the form below and submit it to the Non-Criminal Justice Access Oversight Section (NCJAOS) at

COR Request Form
Custodian of Records Application (BCIA 8374), pdf

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the AAJC, please contact or call (916) 210-3272 for assistance.