Apply for a Fee Waiver

How to apply for a DOJ fee waiver
1. Find out if you are eligible
2. Fill out the form
3. Print the form

1. Find out if you are eligible

You may qualify to waive the $25 Department of Justice fee to get your criminal history record if you live in California and any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You receive public assistance like CalFresh / Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, or Disability.
  • Your income is low for your area and your household size.
  • You have no income.

We will ask you for a small amount of additional information. For example, your EBT ID card number or an estimate of your monthly income.

I don't live in California

2. Fill out the form

We’ll need some personal information and your mailing address and ask you to verify and declare with an electronic signature that the information you entered is true under penalty of perjury.

The Department of Justice collects and uses personal information requested on the form to process requests regarding a DOJ fee waiver. Any personal information collected by state agencies is subject to the limitations in the Information Practices Act and state policy. The DOJ's general privacy policy is available at

3. Print or email the form

Print the form (called Application for Live Scan Fingerprinting Services). You can also save it, or email it to yourself to print it later.

This form will contain a fee waiver assigned number that will save you $25 on the total cost to get your criminal history record. You will still have to pay a fee determined by the live scan fingerprinting service provider.

After you print the form: