Information Bulletins

In an effort to provide technical guidance to partners across the state, the California Department of Justice (Department), upon occasion, issues information bulletins on a wide range of topics. Oftentimes, these bulletins follow changes in state laws, court precedent, regulations, or technology. Information bulletins are generally sent to local authorities, including law enforcement and agencies that use information systems maintained by the Department. The bulletins are typically issued by the Department’s California Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) and the Division of Law Enforcement (DLE). Recent bulletins issued by the Department are available below.

DLE Information Bulletins

2019-DLE-08 AB 1985 - Hate Crimes Law Enforcement Policies, pdf
2019-DLE-07 AB 2220 - Updated Assignment of Firearms Licenses Security Guards by PPO, pdf
2019-DLE-06 Changes to Blood Alcohol/Toxicology Kits: Two Blood Tubes, pdf
2019-DLE-04 SB 439 Compliance_Supercedes 2019-DLE-02 Information Bulletin, pdf
2019-DLE-02 AB 3118 Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Reporting Requirements and Notice of Grant Funds, pdf
2019-DLE-01 Preservation of Peace Office and Custodial Officer Records, pdf
2019-BOF-02 Gun Violence Restraining Order Process, pdf
2019-BOF-01 New and Amended Firearms/Weapons Laws, pdf
2018-BOF-03 Evidence and Crime Guns Automated Firearms System, pdf
2018-BOF-01 New and Amended Firearms/Weapons Laws, pdf
2018-DLE-05 Retention of Biological Evidence, pdf
2018-DLE-04 AB 3118 Reporting Requirements and Notice of Grant Funds, pdf
2018-DLE-03 California Laws That Prohibit Hate Crimes and/or Provide Enhanced Penalties for Specified Hate-Related Acts, pdf
2018-DLE-02 People v. Buza (No. S223698) CA Supreme Court Decision, pdf
2018-DLE-01 Responsibilities of Law Enforcement Agencies Under the California Values Act, California TRUST Act, and the California TRUTH Act Senate Bill 54, pdf
2017-BFS-01 New Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Law Enforcement Agencies and Local Public Laboratories when Sexual Assault Evidence Kits are Collected: Use of DOJ SAFE-T Database (PC 680.3, AB 41), pdf
2017-DLE-02 Announcing grant program for local enforcement of tobacco laws under proposition 56, pdf
2017-DLE-01 Law Enforcement Obligations for Implementing Senate Bill 1322 and Protecting Commercially Sexually Exploited Children, pdf
2017-BOF-01 Assignment of Firearms to Licensed Security Guards by Private Patrol Operators, pdf

CJIS Information Bulletins

19-03 California Cannabis Track-and-Trace System (CCTT-Metrc) Interface, pdf
19-02 California Restraining and Protective Order System (CARPOS) - Canadian Domestic Violence Protective/Restraining Order, pdf
19-01 The Governor's Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, pdf
18-15 Custody Admission and Release Reporting to the California Department of Justice, pdf
18-14 Revisions to Hate Crime Event Reporting, pdf
18-13 NCIC Monthly Validation Update, pdf
18-12 Senate Bill 384: Sex Offender Tiering - Operative January 1, 2021, pdf
18-11 Missing Persons System - New Boat Fields, pdf
18-10 California Values Act 's Database Guidance, pdf
18-09 CLETS Technical Guide - CLETS Message Header Requirements, pdf
18-08 Disposition Reporting to the California Department of Justice, pdf
18-07 Requirement to Report CLETS Misuse, pdf
18-06 New General Supervision (GSV) Type, pdf
18-05 Add Flash Incarceration and Compliance Check to Status of Contact (STA), pdf
18-04 Addition of Electronic Device Search Condition Option to General Search and Seizure, pdf
18-03 The Governor's Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, pdf
18-02 California Values Act's Statistical Reporting Requirements, pdf
18-01 Domestic Violence-Related Calls for Assistance Data Collection Additional Elements, pdf
17-05 California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) - Misuse Investigation Reporting Form, pdf
17-04 National Incedent-Based Reporting System, pdf
17-03 The Governor's Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, pdf
17-02 Collection of Internet Identifiers from Registered Sex Offenders, pdf
17-01 Reporting Sex Offender Registration at the Time of Sentencing to the California Department of Justice, pdf