Criminal Records – Certified Copies

The Department of Justice (DOJ), Division of California Justice Information Services provides certification of state summary criminal history records and fingerprints as maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis to be used in court cases.

Our office can provide certified criminal offender record information, and/or certified copies of source documents contained in the California criminal history record to authorized parties only i.e., requests that are submitted on behalf of a law enforcement agency or district attorney’s office, and some state agencies where certified records are required for legitimate law enforcement purposes (California Penal Code Section 11105).

The DOJ does not provide certified copies of criminal history records to individual applicants. To receive a copy of your own summary criminal history record, please visit Criminal Records-Request Your Own for more information.

How to Submit a Request

  1. To obtain certified records you must submit a subpoena or court order which includes the following:
    • Subject’s name and identifying information (i.e.: date of birth, driver’s license number, CII number, FBI number, etc.);
    • Purpose of request (i.e., prosecution, investigation);
    • Type of records requiring certification (i.e., RAP sheet, arrest fingerprints, disposition source documents);
    • Court date (if applicable);
    • Case number and jurisdiction;
    • Official name and title of requestor
    • Complete mailing address (no P.O. boxes), telephone/FAX number;
    • Date response is needed
  2. Include a cover letter written on your agency’s letterhead (recommended).
  3. If you are a public defender or defense attorney representing a client in a criminal matter [California Penal Code Section 11105 (b) (8), 11105 (b) (9)], in addition to a subpoena/court order you must complete form BCIA 8700 Form - Certification of Attorney of Record – Request for Records.
  4. Send your request via FAX at (916) 731-3618, e-mail to or mail to the following address:

    California Department of Justice
    Attn: Custodian of Records
    Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis
    P.O. Box 160207
    Sacramento, CA 95816-0207

Note: The Records Custodian requires a minimum of three weeks for the processing of a certified record request once the subpoena/court order and required form (if applicable) has been received. Processing time may differ and is dependent upon the contents contained in the criminal history record. Allow additional time for mail delivery.

Certified Record Response

Responses to requests for certified copies will include the requested information (if available) with a stamp certifying authenticity of the records, a cover letter, and (if applicable) affidavit signed by the Custodian of Records authorizing release of the records as maintained by California DOJ.

Questions regarding the above requirements can be directed to

Non-Certified Record Request

As information, most court authorities take judicial notice of the DOJ’s criminal history record as a valid criminal history of the record subject without requiring a certification. For non-certified copies of criminal history records, the Record Quality Services Program can provide these copies to public defenders and attorney of records. Questions regarding non-certified record requests can be directed to