Forms for Applicant Agencies:

Links to many of the forms used by applicant agencies can be found in the step-by-step instructions or in the Frequently Asked Questions sections. The following is the listing and links to the applicant agency forms:

  1. Applicant Fingerprint Processing Fees, pdf
  2. Authorization Request Packet(s):
  3. Subsequent Arrest Service Contract, pdf
  4. Live Scan Request Form (BCIA 8016) - For General Use, pdf
  5. Request for Live Scan Services for Public Schools or Joint Powers Agencies (BCIA 8016A), pdf
  6. Instructions for Live Scan Request Forms (Both BCIA 8016 and BCIA 8016A), pdf
  7. Live Scan Request Form for Electronic Recording Delivery System (BCIA 8016ERDS), pdf
  8. Live Scan Request Form for Record Review or Foreign Adoption (BCIA 8016RR), pdf
  9. Live Scan Request Form for Record Review or Foreign Adoption (BCIA 8016RR Spanish), pdf
  10. Request for Applicant Name Check by FBI (BCIA 8020), pdf
  11. Custodian of Records - Application for Confirmation (BCIA 8374), pdf / Custodian of Records Duties, pdf
  12. Request for DOJ Name Check (BCIA 9010), pdf
  13. FBI Identity History Summary – Handout, pdf
  14. Substitute Agency Transfer Application (BCIA 9002), pdf

Applicant Agencies’ Billing Forms:

  1. Transmittal Form - Prepaid (Cash) (JUS 203), pdf
  2. Transmittal Form (Billed) (JUS 204), pdf
  3. Credit Card Transaction Form, pdf

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