Office of Community Awareness, Response and Engagement (CARE)

AG Access Justice Message

As part of the effort to advance justice for all Californians, California Attorney General Rob Bonta took quick action upon entering office to establish the Office of Community Awareness, Response, and Engagement (CARE) within the California Department of Justice (DOJ).

CARE works directly with community organizations, state and local elected officials, and members of the public to help ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the state’s work. Specifically, CARE focuses on cultivating relationships with historically marginalized and underrepresented communities in line with DOJ’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its work on behalf of the people of California, including in the fight for environmental, economic, and social justice.

Working in close conjunction with the entire DOJ, CARE seeks to be responsive to the needs of all Californians, including by coordinating directly with DOJ’s Office of Native American Affairs to ensure California’s indigenous communities are supported.



The new office includes the Victims’ Services Unit (VSU), the Public Inquiry Unit (PIU), and a team of Community Outreach Specialists. Each branch of CARE directly engages with members of the public on a daily basis. The units are strategically located within a single office to help ensure accurate, consistent information and resources are made available — to the fullest extent possible — to victims and other members of the public in all phases of engagement with DOJ.

Demystifying the DOJ Presentation Series

In an effort to develop knowledge and awareness of the DOJ’s resources and programs, CARE hosts quarterly virtual presentations that are open to the public. These presentations are opportunities to learn directly from DOJ staff and ask questions regarding the work of DOJ’s various divisions, sections, bureaus, and offices. Please view our first virtual presentation on the Victims’ Services Unit from April 2022! To learn more about our next presentation, please email

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