Applicant Agency Justice Connection (AAJC) Migration

As part of the migration process from SMSS to AAJC, the DOJ will need to confirm agency information and Custodian of Records (COR) data. Please complete and submit the web-form, or download the PDF and return it to the e-mail address provided on the PDF. Request forms are provided below.

If you are an SMSS user and would like to inquire about the status of your agency’s migration, please send an email to with your ORI number. You may also contact us at (916) 210-3272 for assistance.

If you found this page by accident and have not yet been asked to migrate from SMSS to AAJC, but are looking to become a newly authorized agency, please visit the Applicant Agencies page for more information.

AAJC Request Forms
Applicant Agency Justice Connection Request Web-form
Agency Information Request Form, pdf

Form Instructions
Please fill in the form with your current information. If it differs from information you have previously given us, we will need to update your records with the correct information.

If you have any new individuals to delegate as Custodian of Records (COR), you can either add their details to the form or wait until you have been migrated to AAJC and make the request through the new system. They will need to become authorized through the relevant processes.

In AAJC, a COR will be able to view background check responses as well as complete administration activities on behalf of the agency. Any AAJC user who is not also a COR will not be able to view background check responses, but will be able to complete administration activities.

If you are submitting multiple copies of the form, either due to having many CORs or due to errors on previous copies, please send an email to advising of multiple submissions and include your ORI in the subject or body of the email.

If you have multiple related agencies, please contact us on and advise us of the details of each of your agencies and we will assess your eligibility to be migrated to the new system.