Exclusion Management System (EMS)

The Department of Justice, Bureau of Gambling Control’s EMS is designed to help manage and maintain the Statewide Exclusion List of Self-Exclusion and Involuntary Exclusion patrons. The EMS is available to Department of Justice employees, law enforcement personnel, gambling establishment key employees, and non-licensed gambling establishment employees.

Users will be able to view recently added patrons, search for patrons by driver’s license number, name, type of exclusion (self or involuntary), or by zip code according to where the patron resides. The EMS provides photographs and details about patrons similar to those currently provided on the Bureau’s exclusion bulletins, such as the exclusion term, personal descriptor information, and games the patrons most often play. Users may also view search results in a slideshow and will have the ability to print bulletins and report violations.

In order to obtain access to the EMS, you must complete and submit an online User Registration Application. Once approved, the Bureau will send an e-mail notification to the requestor with their User ID and passcode.

In addition to the User Registration Application, non-licensed gambling establishment employees must also include a formal letter from their establishment owner or designated agent detailing why they require access to EMS and submit a copy of the requesting employee’s identification card. Law enforcement personnel must submit a formal letter from their agency’s chief detailing why they require access. To complete the online User Registration Application, go to the
User Registration Application page.