Major League Sports Raffle Program

Overview of the Major League Sports Raffle Program

In 2015, the Legislature enacted Penal Code section 320.6, which authorizes 50/50 raffles conducted by eligible organizations at major league sports home games. As authorized, 50 percent of the gross receipts generated from the sale of raffle tickets must be used to benefit or provide support for beneficial or charitable purposes in California, and the other 50 percent must be paid to the winner, which is determined by a manual draw.

Title 11, Division 3, Chapter 1 of the California Code of Regulations outlines the specific requirements for organization participation in the Major League Sports Raffle Program, including but not limited to: eligibility; registration types and processes; equipment registration and use; and, discipline and penalties for violations of statute and regulations. Persons who wish to participate in the Major League Sports Raffle Program should be familiar with the provisions of California Penal Code section 320.6 and the Major League Sports Raffle Program regulations. The approved regulations can be found at the California Code of Regulations tab on the Office of Administrative Law webpage at:

Raffle Registration

The Bureau of Gambling Control utilizes the Registry of Charities and Fundraisers' Search Tool to determine the eligibility of all Major League Sports Foundations. Please check the Verification search tool for more information.


An eligible organization should submit a registration form for itself (BGC 200), a registration form for affiliated persons (BGC 202), an equipment registration form (BGC 205), and a raffle registration form (BGC 204).

Please note: For identification verification, you must provide the government issued identification number for each person applying for registration. If the government issued form of identification provided is not a California driver license or identification card, please indicate on the BGC form from which state/entity it was issued.

In order for the Bureau to process registration applications, the required form(s) must be complete, signed, and accompanied with any fee (if required).

Annual Reports