Exclusion Program

In accordance with regulations, the Bureau administers a confidential list of Self-Excluded patrons. Self-Excluded patrons are banned from all licensed gambling establishments in the State of California. A licensed gambling establishment does not include Tribal Casino’s or Horse Racing wagering facilities. Self-Excluded patrons are prohibited from collecting any unredeemed jackpots or prizes for the term specified on their form, which can be 1 year or lifetime. 1 year Self-Exclusion terms are irrevocable. Removal from a lifetime term will require that the Self-Excluded person has currently been on the Self-Exclusion term for a minimum of 1 year prior to requesting removal. Removal will also require submission of a Self-Exclusion Removal Request form CGCC-CH7-06 (Rev. 05/20). Please be sure to submit the form with an original signature by mail. The mailing instructions are located on the top of the form. You can find the form on the California Gambling Control Commission’s webpage.

Also in accordance with regulations, Licensees are required to administer a Self-Restriction Program. Self-Restriction is an irrevocable, voluntary agreement to have restricted access to specific gambling establishments, or to the issuance of credit, check cashing, or marketing, from a particular licensed cardroom. The cardroom may voluntarily use the California Gambling Control Commission’s form or they may create their own. Self-Restriction periods are dictated by individual cardrooms and can vary from cardroom to cardroom. All Self-Restriction forms are kept and maintained in the individual cardrooms.

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