Involuntary Exclusion Program

Effective March 15, 2009, licensed gambling establishments, law enforcement agencies, Horse Racing Board, and government agencies may exclude certain individuals from all licensed gambling establishments statewide Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Division 18, §12362 Statewide Involuntary Exclusion List.

The regulation allows the entities referenced above to "…remove a person from the gambling establishment pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19801, subdivision (i), or Business and Professions Code section 19845. A gambling establishment may also have an internal removal list to bar certain individuals from entering the specific gambling establishment only."

Once an Involuntary Exclusion Form is completed, it is sent to the California Gambling Control Commission (Commission) for review. When the Commission has made a final decision, they will put it in writing and send it to the patron as well as the requesting governmental agency or gambling establishment. The Commission will then notify the Bureau of any additions, changes, or removals from the Statewide Involuntary Exclusion List as it is the Bureau’s responsibility to maintain all statewide exclusions.

An involuntarily excluded patron may be removed from the list if they petition the Commission and it is approved by the Commission. When a patron is removed from the Statewide Involuntary Exclusion List, the Commission will notify the Bureau of the patron’s reinstatement and the Bureau shall remove the patron from the Statewide Involuntary Exclusion List. The Bureau will then notify all licensed gambling establishments and the patron of the amendment. The Statewide Involuntary Exclusion Regulations can be found on the California Gambling Control Commission.