Sales Offers, Purchases, and Returns

Learn how to protect yourself from scam sales offers, from checking a company’s background to spotting the warning signs of scams. Also learn how to dispute a credit card charge and get tips for returning products.

Checking a Company’s Background

Tips on how to check out a company’s legitimacy and reputation before you enter a contract or make a major purchase.


Online crowdfunding platforms allow you to be part of the development of an innovative, creative, or philanthropic project. Here’s what you need to know before participating in a crowdfunding campaign.

Disputing a Credit Card Charge

If you see an incorrect or unauthorized charge on your credit card, here’s how to dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Free Trial Products

Many products and services advertise that you can try them out for “free” but make it difficult to cancel or tack on extra and unexpected charges. Learn how to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and unexpected fees.

Junk Mail and Unsolicited Calls

How to reduce the amount of junk mail (including junk emails, texts, faxes, and mail) and unsolicited calls you get, and how to complain about them.

Magazine Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from scams relating to the sale or renewal of magazines.

Online Purchases

Shopping online can be convenient but is not without risk. Learn how you can protect yourself from scammers while shopping online.

Outlet Stores and “Compare At” Pricing

Buyer beware: Outlet shopping can be fun, but you may not be buying the top-of-the-line items at bargain prices that you think.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Information about protecting your privacy while online.

Refund Policies

Before you buy, know the company’s return and exchange policy. Learn about what retailers need to tell you about product returns and exchanges.


Winning a large sweepstakes prize can be a dream come true, but it could be a scam, so watch out for these warning signs before you try to collect.

Zero-Interest Financing

Zero-interest financing and loans sound like a great deal, but here are some tips to make sure you know what you’re signing up for.