Common Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from some common consumer scams, including credit repair and debt relief scams, tax scams, pyramid schemes, and many more.

Charity Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from misleading charities and donation requests here. Other information on the Attorney General’s regulation of charities is available here.

Checking a Company’s Background

Tips on how to check out a company’s legitimacy and reputation before you enter a contract or make a major purchase.


Online crowdfunding platforms allow you to be part of the development of an innovative, creative, or philanthropic project. Here’s what you need to know before participating in a crowdfunding campaign.

Free Trial Products

Many products and services advertise that you can try them out for “free” but make it difficult to cancel or tack on extra and unexpected charges. Learn how to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and unexpected fees.

For-Profit Schools

Do your homework before enrolling in a for-profit college or career-training school, and learn about other educational options.

Identity Theft

Learn about identity theft and how you can protect yourself from it.

Job and Business Schemes

Sometimes you need a job, sometimes you want a new job, and sometimes you’d like to go into business for yourself. There are lots of legitimate resources out there to help, but there’s also a lot of scammers out there looking to take advantage of you. On this page you’ll find resources, suggestions, and warnings about some scams you should avoid.

Junk Mail & Unsolicited Calls – Common Scams

Use these tips to keep yourself safe from common scams in junk mail (including emails, texts, faxes, and mail) and in unsolicited calls.

Living Trust Mills

A living trust is a way you control your money and property while alive and then have it distributed after you die. But living trusts are not for everyone, and the trust documents that work for one person might not work for another. Find out how to avoid paying for an unnecessary or even harmful living trust as well as information on finding a reputable attorney to assist with you with your plans.

Loan Modification Fraud

Having trouble making your mortgage payments or seeking to modify your loan? Learn to protect yourself from loan modification fraud and other foreclosure rescue scams.

Magazine Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from scams relating to the sale or renewal of magazines.

Online Purchases

Shopping online can be convenient but is not without risk. Learn how you can protect yourself from scammers while shopping online.

Pyramid Schemes / Multi-Level Marketing

While a multi-level marketing program may seem like a good opportunity, many are pyramid schemes in disguise. Learn the signs a program may be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Scams Directed at Seniors

Scam artists target seniors because they believe they have money to be taken and may be less careful in their dealings with strangers. While this is not always true, seniors and those who love them should still be on the lookout for scams directed towards older members of our community. More information and tips to avoid some of these scams is available here.

Tax Preparation Resources and Tax Fraud Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from tax related scams, as well as what resources are available to help you prepare your taxes and resolve tax debts.

Tech Support Scams

Beware of scammers who pose as tech support to swindle you out of money. Learn how to protect yourself from tech support scams.