People You Hire

Learn how to vet—or report complaints about—contractors, immigration consultants, financial advisors, and other people or companies that you hire.


Information about finding legal representation and filing complaints against attorneys.

Checking a Company’s Background

Tips on how to check out a company’s legitimacy and reputation before you enter a contract or make a major purchase.

Complaints About Banks and Credit Unions

Your bank or credit union might be regulated by the federal government, California, or some other state. Click here for help in figuring out who that regulator is and how to file a complaint with it.


Tips for hiring a contractor to do repairs, remodeling, or construction on your home.

Estate Planning

Information on how you can arrange for the distribution of your property after your death, with helpful links and tips.


How to apply for the Affordable Care Act in California and how to complain about healthcare insurance and medical professionals such as doctors and dentists.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants may take advantage of you. Learn how to recognize if you’re working with a legitimate immigration consultant as well as how to protect yourself from common scams.


How to complain about non-healthcare insurance companies, insurance agents or brokers, title insurers, underwritten companies, surety bonds, bail agents, or annuities.

Investing / Financial Professionals

Tips about investing, hiring a financial advisor, and common investment scams.

Job and Business Schemes

Sometimes you need a job, sometimes you want a new job, and sometimes you’d like to go into business for yourself. There are lots of legitimate resources out there to help, but there’s also a lot of scammers out there looking to take advantage of you. On this page you’ll find resources, suggestions, and warnings about some scams you should avoid.

Medical Privacy

Information about your medical privacy rights.

Moving Companies

Tips about hiring a moving company.

Tax Preparation Resources and Tax Fraud Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from tax related scams, as well as what resources are available to help you prepare your taxes and resolve tax debts.

Tech Support Scams

Beware of scammers who pose as tech support to swindle you out of money. Learn how to protect yourself from tech support scams.

Travel Agents

A vacation should be a fun time for all, so keep these tips in mind to avoid problems with travel agencies.