Money, Credit, and Debt

It’s important to protect your hard-earned money and watch out for financial scams. Learn how to deal with banks, credit card issues, loans, debts, and other financial issues.

Loans and Debt

Credit Scores and Credit Reports

Your score can affect your ability to get a loan, rent a home, or get insurance. Learn how to check your credit report, correct errors, and improve your credit score.

Debt Collectors

Learn what to do if a debt collector contacts you and about what debt collectors are—and are not—allowed to do.

Loan Modification Fraud

Having trouble making your mortgage payments or seeking to modify your loan? Learn to protect yourself from loan modification fraud and other foreclosure rescue scams.

Payday Loans

Thinking about a payday loan? Don’t get stuck in debt—avoid repeat, high-interest-rate loans.

Zero-Interest Financing

Zero-interest financing and loans sound like a great deal, but here are some tips to make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Offers – Common Traps

Offers from credit card companies may promise a great deal, but make sure you understand all the hidden terms that may apply.

Credit Card Surcharges

Information about charging fees for paying with a credit card.

Debit and ATM Cards

Debit and ATM cards are not credit cards. You use them to access your money, not take a loan. But sometimes these cards will let you pay for something even if you don’t have enough money in your account. This seems like a good idea, until you end up paying a $25 fee for a $1 pack of gum. Find out more about debit and ATM cards here.

Disputing a Credit Card Charge

If you see an incorrect or unauthorized charge on your credit card, here’s how to dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Banks and Bank Accounts

Bad Checks

What to do if someone writes you a check that can’t be cashed because the person doesn’t have enough funds or put a stop-payment on the check.

Complaints About Banks and Credit Unions

Your bank or credit union might be regulated by the federal government, California, or some other state. Click here for help in figuring out who that regulator is and how to file a complaint with it.

Opening a Bank or Credit Union account

Bank and credit union accounts can be great things. They allow you to avoid carrying large amounts of cash, make it easier for you to cash checks, and you can even arrange to have payments, like tax refunds and social security, made directly into your account. Click here to find out about different kinds of accounts and questions to ask before opening one.

Protecting Your Account

Your bank or credit union account has your money, and there are people out there who would love to get it. On this page we offer tips about protecting your account from these people and give you information on some of the popular scams they use to trick you out of your money.

Other Financial Topics

Consumer Financial Privacy Rights

Learn what kind of privacy rights you have over your personal financial information.

Corporate Shareholders

Corporate shareholders have certain rights. An attorney may be able to assist you if you believe your rights have been violated.


Online crowdfunding platforms allow you to be part of the development of an innovative, creative, or philanthropic project. Here’s what you need to know before participating in a crowdfunding campaign.

Data Breach Help

Tips for consumers who have had their personal information exposed by a data breach.

Identity Theft

Learn about identity theft and how you can protect yourself from it.

Tax Preparation Resources and Tax Fraud Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from tax related scams, as well as what resources are available to help you prepare your taxes and resolve tax debts.